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One concern that gets asked a whole lot by lots of pilots getting into the hobby of drone raving is “why do most competing drones have 2 video cameras set up?” The video cameras being described are the FPV camera as well as HD electronic cameras, and the inquiry looks for to understand why pro pilots run both cams at the same time. Lots of people question why a GoPro camera isn’t adequate to supply the footage required to fly a racing drone.

The easy response to the inquiry above is that FPV video cameras offer a completely different function in comparison to an HD camera. While FPV cameras are developed to provide a video clip feed with reduced light level of sensitivity as well as latency, HD cams are required to tape electronic HD video with full-color depiction. To address the question of “why 2 cameras?” there are simply no cameras on the market that can incorporating both FPV as well as HD objectives.

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What Are The Best FPV Cameras?

FXT 800TVL Mini FPV Electronic Camera

The FXT Mini FPV Electronic camera is probably the worlds lightest and also smallest FPV cam with a dimension of 16x16x14mm, and also weighing only 3.9 g. Do not let the size of this FPV camera fool you as it is capable of providing premium images with low latency.

This FXT has a high resolution approximately 800TVL, which can creating images that have abundant high quality.

The FXT mini sustains D-WDR 2.3 Lens, offering you a better image with an extra neutral tone and also less contrast. You likewise obtain a filming angle FOV 115 levels, which provides you a bigger view while flying your drone.

The FXT mini sustains D-WDR 2.3 Lens, offering you a much better picture with a much more neutral tone as well as much less contrast. You also obtain a recording angle FOV 115 degrees, which provides you a wider view while flying your drone.

The incorporated OSD allows you view data such as battery voltage and also flight time in live on your display without blocking your view.

As with many FPV video cameras, the FXT mini can changing in between NTSC/PAL and screen ratios 16:9/ 4:3, and it likewise supports night vision in black/white.


  • Comes in a tiny size as well as is extremely light-weight, making it really easy to mount on your drone.
  • It is perfect for mini quads and frames with minimal room.
  • It is provided with premium elements.
  • It is really simple to establish and it has tons of configurable options.
  • It produces crisp images, adjusts well to changes in light strength.


  • There are visible delays.
  • It is not suitable for bigger drones.

RunCam Eagle 2 Pro FPV Cam.

The Eagle 2 Pro is most definitely an upgrade on the previous eagle model. RunCam’s Eagle collection of FPV cameras are quite prominent on the marketplace and are most definitely challengers for the very best FPV cameras. The Eagle 2 Pro is a strong FPV cam fitted with all the vital elements and also even more. It is really long lasting, cased in an aluminum alloy shell, which makes it lighter. There are a few features that stand the Eagle 2 Pro out from the remainder, but it has much more alike with a number of the models around.

The Eagle to 2 pro allows you to switch over the screen ratio in between 16:9/ 4:3 via the OSD menu on the screen feed. The 16:9 offers pilots a wider angle of view. It additionally comes with an integrated microphone.

This FPV cams toughest attribute is its low latency, which is decreased to zero level, and also it is really reliable in low lighting. It adjusts in between low light as well as high light intensity efficiently without disrupting photo top quality. You can also switch over in between signal system NTSC as well as CHUM by means of the OSD food selection.

The Eagle Pro 2 takes pride in an 800TVL picture resolution, as well as a large Dynamic Array, creating some of the most outstanding images.


The alumni alloy covering gives the FPV electronic camera with the protection and sturdiness it needs to survive crashes.
800TVL picture resolution.
The 16:9 screen ratio offers a broader view.
It has an attribute that lets you enhance your FOV.
The Eagle 2 Pro is extremely easy to set up.
Great photo quality.


Operates on a CMOS photo sensing unit.

Watchman V2 Micro FPV AIO Cam.

The Watchman V2 Micro FPV AIO Camera is fairly prominent among miniature quad owners as a result of its flexibility and also tiny dimension. The Spotter V2 simply 9g as well as is not larger than 2 coin. It works with a variety of well-known FPV goggles amd screens that are geared up with 5.8 GHz receivers.

This all-in-one FPV cam is very easy to mount in just a matter of seconds, and also it does not call for any type of unique abilities or soldering, making it a good option for beginners.

It has a FOV of 120 degrees as well as NTSC video clip layout.

This AIO FPV electronic camera combines the features of a transmitter, an antenna, and an FPV video camera, and it is suitable for micron drones such as the Tiny Whoop.


  • Incredibly tiny and light-weight, about the size of a coin Packs 3.
  • attributes into one FPV video camera.
  • Consists of an antenna as well as a transmitter.
  • Excellent worth for cash.
  • Long lasting whip antenna design.
  • Really steady with shock from the drone.
  • Good top quality pictures.
  • Suitable with branded safety glasses as well as monitors.


  • No safety covering.
  • Not the best in reduced illumination.

Crazepony Caddx Turtle V2 FPV Electronic Camera.

An additional outstanding AIO FPV camera is the Crazepony Caddx Turtle V2 FPV Video Camera HD 1080P/60fps. The Micro AIO is so little that you could lose it while unboxing if it fell off the table. It is actually smaller sized them a quarter, and this is not exaggerating. It weights simply 12g and also has a measurement of 19 * 19mm. Recording: 1080p/60fps,1080 p/30fps,720 p/60fps.

This Micro FPV camera is fitted with little buttons utilized to change settings such as changing from NTSC/PAL Switchable style by long pressing, while the positioning of the video can be changed by brief presses.

The Micro AIO includes a 1.8 mm lens with 1/2.7 inch COMS sensor to 4pin FPV silicone cable (prolong into a 2pin joint for OSD board and a 3pin joint for FPV).

This FPV features a vast lens angle which is wonderful if you are flying at high speed as well as a FOV angle of 120 degrees.


  • Fantastic value for money.
  • Perfect for mini drones, thanks to its tiny dimension and also weight.
  • Cam HD 1080P/60fps.
  • Exceptionally easy to establish.
  • Incorporates camera, antenna, and also transmitter.


It does not have a safety cover.

Wolfwhoop WT03 Micro FPV AIO 600TVL Electronic Camera.

The WT03 is a micro FPV camera that is very easy to mount; it is a plug and play FPV camera that is powered by 1sS LiPo battery. This micro FPV camera is very easy to run, it has button control which can be made use of to switch channels. It shows off a 120 degree FOV as well as it generates excellent image high quality with no latency.

It is fitted with a video out cord that can be connected to an OSD. Unlike the Crazepony AIO, the WT03 includes a video camera and also transmitter set up such that they are not fitted on the same PCB, which can be a little complex for somebody who is not experienced.

The most excellent attribute on the WT03 is that it permits a lengthy variety of flights without loss of transmission or photo high quality.

Appropriate for Ultra Micro RC FPV Quadcopter and also Fiber Framework Kit, developed for all series of flying both indoor or exterior.


Generates premium quality images.
Much better variety.
Separate components allow for better use of area of frameworks.
Extremely simple to mount as well as operate.
Links easily to OSD.
Fantastic worth for money.


Digital sound can be noticeLacks a.
safety covering.

Our Select: RunCam Eagle 2 Pro FPV Electronic Camera.

The Runcam Eagle 2 Pro absolutely checks all the boxes when considering an FPV camera. It produces wonderful image high quality, it is cased in an aluminum alloy which shields it from frequent collisions. The reality that the Runcam Eagle was such a popular and also outstanding FPV camera, it gives the Eagle 2 the much needed hype that it needs. With a photo resolution of 800TVL and a larger GOV of 140 degrees, there is no way the other FPV electronic cameras on the listing are beating the Eagle to our pick of the week.

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