Best Drone Battery Charger

Given that all our quadcopters and fixed wing aircraft run on electrical power. Having a drone battery charger is really important to guarantee your batteries last a long period of time as well as you get the most out of them. Its likewise crucial to have a top quality battery charger from a safety perspective. So if you require your initial charger, or are aiming to acquire a brand-new one this guide will certainly assist!

In this guide I will list the very best lipo chargers, mostly from skyRC for numerous applications and budget plans. If you wish to learn more I recommend you read every little thing you require. You will understand about Lipo equilibrium battery chargers to recognize a few of the concepts I discuss. Otherwise simply keep reading to locate the most effective one for your demands.

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Best Drone Battery Charger

SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 Twin Power

The SkyRC iMax is quickly the ‘go-to’ drone battery charger and strongly takes the leading spot. Why? A variety of factors for this. To start with, it has a high 6A charge. That means that it will be able to charge up your LiPos really promptly. This will certainly decrease waiting time between flights and, allow you fly a lot more often! It charges various other sorts of batteries too such as lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and also much more.

The iMax is really moderately valued as well as will conserve you cash in the future given that. It lasts for a long period of time as well as because of its flexibility, implies. You will not need to invest money on other chargers for various sorts of batteries. However it doesn’t quit there. You can utilize the iMax to gauge the resistance of your batteries, test the voltage analyses from each cell. As well as it lets you recognize if a drone battery charger is dead.

Holy Rock 5 In 1 Charger

In order to make use of the Holy Stone charger. You will certainly require to be able to link it to a USB power supply. This can essentially be anything from your wall to your laptop. Nonetheless, for the fastest fee your going to need to plug it into the wall surface. That will certainly have sufficient Amps to supply all five batteries with power.

You would certainly assume that there is a catch that something so valuable is so cheap– but there actually isn’t. My only issue is that it is constructed from a weak plastic so really feels economical as well as might break if somebody stepped on it. Apart from that the Holy Rock 5 in 1 battery charger is a bargin. Order it currently whilst it is still $10.

The only reason this is placed in the number 2 area as well as not the number 1. The iMax battery charger revealed over can do so much more than simply cost. Nonetheless, if your simply seeking a straightforward charger after that the Holy Stone is the one to get

Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger

The Tenergy TB6-B battery charger is just one of those all-in-one battery chargers. That come to be actually helpful when you have many different kinds of batteries. It sustains NiMH, NICD, Li-Po, Li-ion, Li-Fe, SLA Batteries. Generally, your not mosting likely to require an additional battery charger after you buy this set. The only drawback is that it charges one battery at a time. However, its best function without a doubt is that it has a memory feature. It can remember pre-sets for your LiPo’s. Essentially, all you require to do is plug in your battery, choose your setups and bill away! This conserves time as well as allows you fly extra regularly.

Drone Battery Charger – ISDT SC-608

Its likewise worth providing an honourable reference to the IDST 608 charger as it does stick out as an outstanding battery charger. This product has an extremely wonderful layout with a high resolution, ultra brilliant 2.4 inch IPS display screen to make it stick out from the competitors. Theoretically it looks like an excellent charger. It has a huge 150W, can bill most batteries (LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, and Li-Ion) from 1-6 Cells so it does everything you need. So you could say that this is also much better than the Skyrc S60.

The only reason why I do not recommend this charger to most people is that it does not consist of a power supply. Generally this is not always a big deal, yet due to the high power of the IDST 608, you require to get a 150W power supply which is not affordable. IDST make a main power supply (CP16027 Power Adapter) for this, but it sets you back the same as the charger itself, increasing the total price for this charger.

  • High resolution display screen with easy to use food selection to use this battery charger easy
  • Can charge 1S-6S Lipos (to name a few variants like LiFe, LiHv).
  • Does not include a power supply (official one sets you back exact same price as battery charger itself).
  • Extremely little charger.
  • Can be powered by another larger battery (for billing batteries on the go).

SkyRC D100– charge any two batteries at the same time.

  • It have an incorporated power supply, just plug in directly to an electrical outlet.
  • This product can charge over 7 types of batteries from 1-6 Cells (LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, LiIon, NiMH, NiCd, PB).
  • It can bill 2 batteries at the same time (using two separate 100W charging circuits).
  • It still utilizes the exact same growth sensors like a battery temperature level sensing unit, Wi-fi Component as well as PC web link for added functionality and safety.
  • Has the alternative of DC power input so you can utilize a cars and truck battery with this charger if you desire (will certainly need to make your very own wire though).

In general the D100 is our finest supreme charger as well as is not extremely pricey. For your money you get an extremely precise, easy to use and also small battery charger. With 200W of power, you can charge just about any type of 2 batteries at the same time which is optimal for the majority of drone pilots. The ability to also bill 1ST batteries is great if you are into micro interior quadcopters. Just like the S60 battery charger, the very best component is that you do not require to use a different power supply as its all built in, simply plug it onto a wall socket!

ISDT SC-620– most powerful drone battery charger at 500W.

Similar to the little bro (SC-608) the SC-620 loads the very same remarkable high resolution screen however this is incorporated with a massive 500W charger, qualified to charge at up to 20A. Theoretically this is impressive, yet in truth its never great to charge your batteries as rapid as feasible because this just minimizes their cycle life (the quantity of times you can charge/discharge a lipo while still having full result capability)( most batteries can bill at a max of 5C). It is best method to charge your lipo at 1C, so having a 500W battery charger is rarely needed unless you are utilizing higher batteries like a 10,000 mAh Lipo.

  • High resolution screen with interesting food selection’s.
  • As much as 20A charging rate (perfect for very big batteries (10Ah+).
  • Manufacturer does not yet make a power supply effective sufficient for this battery charger yet, so you will require to source and also customize one on your own.
  • Can just charge one battery at once.
  • The interface is fantastic through the high resolution colour display screen, making it very easy to browse and gain access to progressed features and this charger can bill almost any kind of battery from 1S to SIX so from a functionality point of view it is fantastic.

Among my main concerns with this battery charger is that needs a 500W power supply, however ISDT do not also sell one this effective. As well as to aggravate the scenario more, this battery charger utilizes an XT60 adapter as power input so if you acquire a third party charger/ PC power supply you will require to solder a new port on your own. So because of this, I feel there are far better remedies around.


When acquiring batteries, I very recommend that you get a LiPo bag so that you can see to it your billing them safely. A LiPo bag is developed from a product that will not burn or catch fire if something fails with your battery (such as overheating etc.) I constantly position my LiPos in bags whilst they are billing so I can be assured that everything is secure. Below is the precise one I make use of– however feel free to browse the internet to locate one that fits you.

That is our present tips on what Lipo Charger you ought to think about obtaining so I hope this has actually been of some use to you. We will update this article to keep up to date with current product releases so keep returning to recognize if anything modifications, and also subscribe to our e-newsletter.

Additionally if you have any pointer on a charger you would certainly like us to check, simply allow us recognize in the comments.

Thanks for reading this post– I hope you now have a much better suggestion on what the most effective LiPo battery chargers for drones are.

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