Fatshark Dominator v3

Fat Shark Dominator V3 evaluation

FPV safety glasses permit you to use your drone’s aboard electronic camera to get a first-person sight when flying. Right here’s our FatShark Dominator V3 evaluation

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Should I get the Fat Shark Dominator V3?

Although not affordable, the Dominator V3 goggles are wonderful for getting a first-person view when flying your drone. You can not merely utilize it with any drone, though. Either you need an HDMI result on your drone’s remote controller. Or you’ll have to get and also set up an analogue video clip receiver card.

Fat Shark Dominator V3 complete evaluation.

Just recently we evaluated the excellent ViFLY R220 auto racing drone, but with no FPV safety glasses. There’s a limit to the enjoyable you can have with it given. You can only fly it accurately if you get that first-person view.

FPV racing is reasonably new as well as is where you take on other drone pilots to fly your drone around a course.

Fat Shark is one of the best-known makers of FPV goggles. As well as GearBest kindly supplied the mid-range Boss V3 goggles for review.

Although they’re not brand new as well as not the most effective in the range, they still cost ₤ 367 from Gearbest. That’s greater than the ViFLY R220!

Fat Shark Dominator V3 evaluation: Attributes as well as style

Although launched at the end of 2015, as well as commonly considered as some of the very best FPV googles already, the Dominators– as our first taste of correct FPV, were are bit unsatisfactory.

Build high quality is good enough, and they can be found in a wonderful zip situation. However heaven and white design looks dated as well as they are fairly heavy.

You don’t get whatever you need in package, either. For skilled FPV racers, this will certainly be expected as well as certainly no concern, but for an amateur racer, it’s a surprise not to obtain a battery charger or the required analogue video receiver card.

The receiver connects in behind one of the removable white covers on the headset. When you understand, it is among the V3’s highlights since it enables you to mount a receiver which matches the one on your drone, and also it’s possible to buy components using 1.3-, 2.4- and 5.8 GHz.

Since the R220 has a built-in 5.8 GHz video transmitter, we bought a Fat Shark NexWaveRF 5G8 card which set you back around ₤ 25. It was after that a situation of cycling via the 40 offered networks on the drone up until we saw the image show up in the googles. It is critical to ensure you get a module that shares at the very least one network with your drone’s transmitter, or to acquire a matching set when developing your own FPV drone.

The battery needs to charge utilizing your drone’s battery charger as it utilizes a typical balance connector. It has four LEDs which tell you how much cost is left, as well as it should last at the very least a couple of hrs– a lot longer than your drone batteries.

Fat Shark Boss V3 testimonial: Display

If you’re made use of to the top quality video clip stream from a DJI Phantom, you might be– as we were– shocked at the poor quality of the analogue video stream from a racing drone. It’s akin to seeing a TV broadcast from the very early 1980s contrasted to the HD we delight in today.

If your drone has an OSD, you’ll see this over the real-time feed from the camera. In the R220 you can see a perspective, the ARMED/ DISARMED standing, flight mode as well as a timer showing how long you have actually been flying.

Note that you do not require to get a receiver card if you have a drone (such as a Phantom) which has an HDMI result on its remote controller because you can use the consisted of HDMI cord and convertors to pipeline the video signal straight into the Dominator’s HDMI input. High quality will undoubtedly be a great deal better by doing this, however it’s still not HD. The HDMI output for a Phantom 3 Pro or Advanced is an optional module which sets you back around ₤ 80.

The photo you see in the safety glasses (contrasted to utilizing a mobile phone in a Virtual Reality audience) seems a long way from your face, a little bit like resting towards the back of a movie theater. Nevertheless, it’s still large enough and the lenses are adjustable so you can relocate them to fit for varying range between students (not everybody has the same IPD).

Because the goggles sit firmly on your face, there’s no area for glasses, but you can purchase -2, -4 and also -6 dioptre adjustment adaptors independently (no good if you’re actually short-sighted or long-sighted though– you’ll need to wear call lenses).

Fat Shark Boss V3 review: DVR

A port in between the lenses allows you insert a microSD card up to 32GB. It’s a little bit fiddly to allow this and begin tape-recording to start with, however the manual is well composed and offers clear direction. The resulting footage is quite poor quality as you ‘d anticipate, yet strangely video clip is taped in 4:3. It’s an AVI file at 30fps.


  • Fat Shark Dominator V3: Specifications
  • FPV goggles
  • 30 degree FOV
  • 800×480 resolution
  • miniature HDMI input
  • microSD DVR (up to 32GB).
  • optional video receiver component, optional trinity head tracker component.
  • 1800mAh battery with 2S/3S equilibrium lead.

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