Popular BLADE Quadcopter Drones

Blade Quadcopter Drones are several of one of the most preferred drones available. Best understood for their exclusive SAFE (Sensor Assisted Trip Envelope) technology, a cutting edge digital flight envelope defense system that makes it very easy for any person to start flying quadcopters.

SAFE supplies intuitive abilities permitting the drone to manage windy problems so that efficiency is regularly smooth. Pitch and roll limitations are secured to offer a flight envelope that makes staying in control simple.

Blade offers a complete line of quadcopters for both newbies and seasoned flyers that want more without investing a great deal. Rates start under $60 bucks for the Blade Pico QX quadcopter, the smallest heli Blade has actually ever before launched, to just under $600 for the Chroma Electronic camera Drone that uses GLONASS as well as UNITED STATE GPS for higher accuracy and also dependability.


10 Popular BLADE Quadcopter Drones

BLADE Pico QX Quadcopter



  • Engineered with SECURE ™ technology
  • Compact 8 gram mini quadcopter with inner battery and LED lights
  • Includes 2.4 GHz transmitter with inner battery
  • Execute solitary or dual flips with the push of a switch
  • USB charge cords collaborate with any kind of offered USB port

Item Description:

The Blade Pico QX quadcopter is the smallest heli Blade has actually ever before launched and is among one of the most easy methods to experience RC flight. Thanks to the simplicity of flying with SAFE (Sensing Unit Assisted Flight Envelope) innovation, you’ll be piloting this compact quad in a snap. With flip setting functionality consisted of, you can perform uncomplicated single or double flips like a pro with only the push of a switch.

Charging is simple, all you require to do is plug the included USB charge cable televisions into a USB port and also you’re ready to bill the internal trip battery or transmitter. The addition of prop guards decreases the results of crashes and also assists to ease brand-new pilots right into RC trip. In case the prop blades get worn out; 4 replacement blades are included with the Blade Pico QX.

Flight Time: 7 minutes Weight: 8 grams Battery Kind: interior battery Camera: no

Inductrix RTF Ultra Micro Drone with Safe Technology



  • Lightweight, totally put together quadcopter
  • SAFE ® technology
  • Sturdy rotor real estates protect against damage
  • Fantastic LED positioning lights
  • Consists of both red as well as blue bodies
  • USB Li-Po charger
  • Blade ® MLP transmitter with real Spektrum ™ DSMX ® 2.4 GHz technology (consisted of).

Item Description:

The Blade Inductrix drone is an ultra micro device that can be flown almost anywhere. Four particularly tuned EDF rotor systems provide this contemporary quad the charm of a jet. Consequently, performance really feels incredibly smooth with much less noise than a standard propeller blades system.

Resilient blades housings naturally protect against damages whether it’s run across wall surfaces or comes under the yard. Brilliant LED orientation lights and a smooth body style aid keep you entering the right instructions.

Innovative RISK-FREE ® modern technology with self-leveling makes staying in control simple, even if it’s your very first flight.

Trip Time: 7 min Fee time: 20 minutes Weight: 19 grams.

Battery Kind: 150mAh ONE 3.7 V 25C Li-Po Electronic Camera: No Needs: Nothing.

Blade Nano QX 3D RTF Ultra Micro Quadcopter Drone



  • Completely set up, no building required.
  • SAFE & reg; & reg; modern technology makes it easy to take pleasure in RC flight and also aerobatics.
  • Flip 180– 360 ° in any direction at journalism of a button.
  • Fly inverted without having to find out intricate control input.
  • Vivid LEDs and also high-contrast body assistance preserve alignment.
  • Upright to inverted with the press of a switch.

Product Description:

The ultra mini Blade Nano QX 3D quadcopter damages the barriers of maneuverability by making high-speed turns, hair-pin turns as well as upside down trip basic to carry out. Intuitive SECURE modern technology provides smooth trip, self-leveling and numerous flight settings.

Brilliant design as well as turn around motor technology enables the Nano QX 3D to be strong as well as light, so there’s almost no charge for mistake if you exercise aerobatics over plush carpeting or soft grass– you’ll have a blast!

Flight Time: 5 min Weight: 27.0 grams Battery Kind: 200mAh 1ST 3.7 V 30C LiPo.

Electronic camera: no Requires:

BLADE Nano QX RTF Quadcopter



  • Features unique SAFE ™ technology with security as well as dexterity modes.
  • Tiny sufficient to fly in any area or workplace.
  • Hard, light-weight airframe with blade guards.
  • Potent combed motors that give smooth and also effective lift. 4-in-1 DSMX Receiver/ESCs/mixer/ RISK-FREE sensor device.

Item Summary:

The little Nano QX is RC flying enjoyable you can take with you anywhere. The Nano QX considers little more than half an ounce and is tiny sufficient to fly in spaces no bigger than an office cubicle.

Never ever flown a quadcopter prior to? No worry. The Nano QX uses the SECURE innovation system with innovative flight control software program to maintain itself secure in a hover while in stability setting. If you enter problem, just release the sticks. The SECURE modern technology system will bring the Nano QX back to a float all on its own.

Flight Time: 5 minutes Weight: 27.0 g Battery Kind: 200mAh 1S 3.7 V 30C Li-Po.

Cam: no Requires: Absolutely nothing.

Glimpse FPV HD Camera Drone RTF



  • Fully set up, no structure required.
  • SAFE ® technology.
  • Acclaimed integrity of Spektrum ™ DSMX ® 2.4 GHz modern technology.
  • Integrated HD camera (installed).
  • High-def 1280 x 720p video clip and also 1.0 MP image capability.

Item Summary:

The Blade Look drone is the perfect platform for getting going in aerial photography. Despite its nano-size, the long lasting style can fly inside or out and also features an incorporated electronic camera with HD recording plus FPV video clip down-link capacity. SAFE technology aids maintain the drone steady and also you in control from hover to onward flight as well as back once again.

Group View.

Enjoyable for more than just the pilot, Team Sight enables the Glimpse drone downlink to stream FPV video clip on numerous iOS as well as Android smart-devices. Get the totally free Peek application at Google Play or iTunes stores and delight in the sight.

First-Person Sight.

Your smart-device provides you accessibility to the hottest pattern in RC. The Glance drone permits you to stream live 480p video clip through 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi downlink. We’ve even consisted of an universal brace that makes it very easy to connect your smart-device to the transmitter.

Long lasting Design.

An adaptable airframe as well as light-weight construction permit you to become a drone pilot even if you encounter a few barriers along the road. The setup implies the blades are clear from video camera sight as well as the room offers extra security.

Trip Time: 7 min Weight: 52 grams Battery Kind: 500mAh 1S Li-Po.

Electronic Camera: Yes Requires: Nothing.

Blade 180 QX HD RTF Quadcopter Drone



  • Unique SECURE ™ modern technology.
  • E-flite ® EFC ™ -721 cam with transmitter functionality.
  • Little adequate to fly indoors and also effective sufficient to fly outdoors.
  • Trip battery and charger consisted of.
  • Sturdy lightweight airframe.

Item Description:

The Blade 180 QX incorporates the most up to date in quadcopter developments with HD video as well as photo capture capabilities. Making use of SECURE innovation, the 180 QX maintains exceptional stability in 3 flight modes. With the included E-flite EFC-721 cam, pilots can experience aerial video as well as picture capture by merely triggering the triggers on a Spektrum 5+ network transmitter after setting it. Ideal for both interior and outdoor flight.
The 180 QX HD comes outfitted with 3 SAFE improved flight settings. High and low angle flight modes were especially designed to provide stable video as well as image capture while the dexterity mode setup permits pilots to experience aerobatic trip with the help of the AS3X stability system.

Flight Time: 7 minutes Weight: 95 grams Battery Kind: 3.7 V 1S 500mAh 25C LiPo.

Cam: Yes Requires: Nothing.

BLADE FPV Nano RTF QX Quadcopter



  • SAFE ® technology makes RC trip easy.
  • Spektrum ™ ultra micro FPV electronic camera set up.
  • Fat Shark Teleporter V4 5.8 GHz headset with digital head tracking.
  • SpiroNET circular polarized antenna system.
  • Small enough to fly in any type of room or workplace.

Item Description:

The tiny Blade FPV Nano QX quadcopter is a completely immersive RC experience you can take everywhere. Unbelievably light as well as remarkably durable, the FPV Nano QX can be flown in spaces no bigger than an office workstation. Its powerful motors are smooth and Range 2.4 GHz DSMX radio innovation supplies superior 4-channel ability to move. However it’s the special SAFE modern technology built-in that provides a quadcopter experience like no other. Flying is unbelievably simple and also extra fun-even if it’s your very first time. And also, the Spektrum ultra micro FPV camera is currently set up which indicates you can begin in the short time it requires to charge the batteries.

Place Yourself in the Pilot’s Seat.

First-Person View (FPV) with a headset develops an immersive RC experience that virtually puts you in the pilot’s seat. Live video is transferred from a camera on the model to you so you can have the sense of flying from inside the version.

Fat Shark Headset.

The Spektrum ultra mini FPV system set up together with the Fat Shark Teleporter V4 headset included makes it feasible to essentially place yourself in the pilot’s seat immediately. All you need to do is charge the batteries.

Flight Time: 5 minutes Weight: 22 grams Battery Type: 3.7 V 1ST 150mAh 45C LiPo.

Cam: Yes Requires: Nothing.

Blade Mach 25 FPV Racer BNF Basic BLH8980



  • Completely set up.
  • Numerous SAFE allowed flight modes.
  • Spektrum ™ A3174 Flight Controller included.
  • Spektrum 25mw ultra mini FPV cam system (installed, Ham Radio License Required)).
  • Vibration-damping, carbon-fiber camera install.
  • Powerful 2300Kv brushless outrunner electric motors.
  • Compact Castle Creations 4-in-1 ESC.
  • Canted motor mounts for faster acceleration as well as higher trip speeds.
  • Intense, multi-color LED lights system (installed).

Required To Complete.

  • Full-range 5+ network, multi-function transmitter with Spektrum ™ 2.4 GHz DSM2 ®/ DSMX ® modern technology. Fat Shark 5.8 GHz compatible FPV headset and/or FPV monitor.
  • Appropriate Li-Po flight battery charger.

Item Summary:

An Immersive RC Trip Experience Focused on Performance. The Blade Mach 25 multirotor makes getting into 250-class quad-racing simple. Thick carbon-fiber plate construction with durable light weight aluminum assistance makes this totally set up racer light-weight and unbelievably durable. In the event of an incident, substitute of the self-tightening propellers is all you’ll likely require.

Brilliant LED lights assists with alignment and also recognition in the heat of a race. Powerful electric motors that are angled forward assist offer you the performance side while the secured ultra micro FPV video camera is soft mounted for the best view.

Trip Time: 7- 10 minutes Weight: 505grams Battery Type: 1350mAh SIX 11.1 V Li-Po Camera: Yes Calls For: See Above.

BLADE Chroma Drone with 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal for GoPro Hero



  • Fire smooth, constant aerial video clip with your GoPro electronic camera (not consisted of).
  • Easy to fly– no experience essential.
  • Advanced SAFE And also innovation.
  • Smart Setting for beginner pilots.

Item Summary:

Looking for a high-performance aerial system for your GoPro video camera? This Ready-To-Fly variation of the Chroma Camera Drone has every little thing you need. Shoot smooth, constant aerial video with your GoPro electronic camera (not consisted of) Easy to fly– no experience necessary.
Everything in one box, thirty minutes trip times (Depending on flying style and/or wind problems.), Advanced SAFE And also technology Smart Setting for newbie pilots, AP Setting for experienced pilots, self-governing Follow Me and also Tracking settings Return Home function, Live video clip and also telemetry information on controller display screen, Makes use of GLONASS as well as UNITED STATE GPS for greater accuracy as well as dependability, Mast-mounted GPS antenna for excellent signal function.
You don’t require a separate smart device with the ST-10+ controller. Every little thing you need, including the video camera controls and also a touch-screen video display, is developed right in.

  • Big, 5 1/2 inch touch-screen display with intuitive Android interface.
  • — Shows online video and real-time telemetry info like speed, elevation as well as battery voltage.
  • — Clearly marked buttons as well as switches.
  • — Super-simple trip and also camera controls.
  • — Left slider switch for changing video camera tilt.
  • — Right slider switch for readjusting drone speed.

NEW Blade Zeyrok Drone


The Blade Zeyrok drone is a resilient quadcopter the novice pilot can not beat. Readily available in a yellow or green airframe with fantastic LED standing lights, RISK-FREE modern technology makes flying simple. Pick the RTF, BNF or RTF with a detachable HD cam.


  • Totally constructed, no building essential.
  • SECURE ® innovation makes flying easy.
  • Exceptionally resilient, lightweight unibody airframe.
  • Offered in great yellow or lively environment-friendly color pattern.
  • Remote 720p/1.3 MP camera.
  • Maintenance totally free enclosed blades drive system.
  • Huge 750mAh ONE Li-Po trip battery as well as convenient USB charger.
  • Brilliant LED orientation lights with standing indication.
  • Detachable skids with incorporated camera case.
  • Removable 4GB Micro SD flash memory card.
  • Multi-function transmitter with Spektrum ™ DSMX ® modern technology.

The Blade Zeyro quadcopter is the ideal drone for brand-new pilots and any individual that desires an enjoyable flying experience. Based upon a tried and tested power system, its next-gen airframe has actually been commercial engineered to have an advanced concept-appearance that’s extremely durable.

The Zeyrok drone is developed with multiple flight settings to offer the type of confidence-building flying attributes that makes lift-off as smooth as feasible. Therefore, you can shake from novice to expert drone pilot at the pace that’s right for you.

Flight Time: 6 to 8 mins Weight: 122 grams Battery Type: 750mAh 1S Li-Po.

Electronic Camera: Yes Needs: Absolutely Nothing.

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